It still stings a little

It’s a week later and it still stings a little. A double overtime loss when we were so close! Close to the Stanley Cup. I’m talking about the recent Ottawa Senators vs. Pittsburg Penguins game. Game 7 and so close. Now I’m about to tell you something about me. It’s… Read More

To blog or not to blog

It’s my first blog post of 2017 and it’s almost the end of May. I have to admit I’ve been lax with my posts. I finally feel like I can catch my breath and sit down. Early 2017 brought us our third child, Declan, who came into this world two… Read More

Babies, business and the summer…

Welcome to our site! We know its been up for a while, but we’ve been focusing on getting our website noticed and forgot about one key part of our business – the blog. We promise to work hard to update this blog weekly with news about Templeman’s Toffee, any upcoming… Read More

Tasty Tantalizing Toffee & More!

Welcome to Templeman’s Toffee new website and our tantalizing blog. We will be posting information on new Toffee, Chocolate and Caramel products, trade shows in your area that we will be exhibiting at and so much more. Check back soon and regularly!