After years of working in media, Rob and Jean needed a change.

They’d long been dreaming about business ownership, leaving behind long commutes and entire days away from their three-year-old son. So, in 2006, that dream became reality and Templeman’s Toffee was born.

In the beginning, they traveled from town to town while mastering their recipe, swapping the 9-to-5 grind with weekend craft shows all across the country and a sense of adventure.

“We had so much fun! We met a lot of great and like-minded people, beating to a different drum and chasing a dream,” says Jean.
“I think anyone at the time would have called us crazy,” says Rob, “But we knew we wanted to be home more and make our own rules.”

They found that they loved the freedom of creating things and building an entrepreneurial life, and so did those around them. After 8 years of traveling the country Templeman’s Toffee was awarded the coveted “Product of the Year”, and they decided to take things to the next level, adding wholesale and online ordering to their growing customer base.

Today, Templeman’s company has grown – and so has the Templeman family! Welcoming two more kids has made life wilder in the best ways, and working closely every day has strengthened their family bonds and their business. Family continues to be Rob and Jean’s number one priority. So, they love treating customers like family while teaching their own children the value of hard work and strong relationships.

With four great flavors of toffee, wholesale retailers across the country, and a brand name that many have come to know and love, things are only getting better at Templeman’s.