It’s my first blog post of 2017 and it’s almost the end of May. I have to admit I’ve been lax with my posts. I finally feel like I can catch my breath and sit down. Early 2017 brought us our third child, Declan, who came into this world two weeks early like a tornado. To say the least, he was a VERY quick labour. We are finally caught up in our wholesale orders, we’ve made it through our short spring show season and as school starts to come to end so does our hectic schedule.

So now what? I’ve been thinking a lot about using my blog more. I’ve heard from other business owners it helps to increase sales. But why? Why does anyone want to read what I write. Now, I know how to write. I have a degree in journalism and I used to be an Online Editor for a major news provider. But again, why would anyone want to read about what I have to write about? And really, what do I have to write about?

Maybe I’ll fill this blog with my own personal thoughts about life. Maybe I’ll fill it with rants about my business. Or perhaps I could fill it with funny stories about my kids. Trust me, there are lots. We have a 14 year old son, who is moving from our sweet little baby boy to a sullen teenager. Oh it’s SO much fun. Our four year old daughter is something else, too. She is tenacious, strong willed and full of spunk. She’ll make for some good posts. Then there’s our almost four month old Declan. Although he can’t talk, he’s worth talking about. We are VERY proud parents of all our kids and everything we do, we do for them.

That’s what I’ll talk about. I’ll talk about parenting. I’ll talk about how we give up everything for them. How our whole lives revolve around them. But why? Isn’t every parent living the same way? Most people I know spend their whole lives running from one event to another. And those that I know that don’t have kids do want to hear about kids. They have lives and everyone is an expert parent, until they become one!

I’ll talk about my business. I’ll talk about new products and how awesome all our products are. I’ll talk about how we hand make everything in small batches, our product is made to order, it’s gluten free and it’s amazing! But don’t people already know that about our product? Isn’t that why you’re on this website right now? To order more of our product or to see where we’ll be next, where you can buy it or what’s new? Is that too pretentious?

That reminds me, I need to update where we’ll be and where you can buy our product. I need to start to get ready for the upcoming #TOGiftFair show, I need to get ready for the #CNE2017. Oh, I’ve got a couple orders to fill. I’ve got to get Helaina and Tanner signed up for camps and figure out what to do this summer with them. Well just July… in August everything goes crazy with orders and the CNE. Wait, that’s only two months away. I feel winded, that easy breathing feeling I had at the start of this blog is now gone.

So what will I talk about? I have NO idea. My life is whirlwind… our family enters a room like a tornado, and I’m always late for everything. I can barely keep my thoughts in order most of the time. I really miss naps. I’m noticing even in this blog how scatterbrained I am.

I don’t what I’ll fill this blog with but I’ll try at least every week to fill it with something.

I’ll leave you with this. Our toffee is awesome, we do everything we do for our family and the heavier you are the harder you are to kidnap so keep eating Templeman’s Toffee!


Thanks for reading,